2014 Idaho Lacrosse Hall of Fame Inductees
02.14.2014 - By Britt Cornaby

2014 Idaho Lacrosse Association Hall of Fame Inductees. Photos by Krieg Shaw

If you enjoy lacrosse in Idaho-you should give a “thanks” to the 2014 Idaho Lacrosse Association Hall of Fame Inductees; Tad Arnt, JoJo Brunnelle, Bob Durland and Kristy Sligar.  These are the pioneers who laid the foundation for the lacrosse game we enjoy today.  Many of these individuals have been growing the game for close to a decade.

Tad Arnt-started the Boise State men’s lacrosse team and helped it become a club sport at Boise State.  He has served as the ILA president and vice commissioner for the TVLL.  He is a co founder of Lacrosse Idaho, the first and only lacrosse store in Idaho.


JoJo Brunnelle-was instrumental in the development of girls lacrosse game in Idaho.  She was the lacrosse coach at Bishop Kelly and helped them win several  state championships.  She also served as the president of the TVWLL.


Bob Durland- helped found the Boise State men’s lacrosse program and has been instrumental in the development and recruitment of lacrosse referress in the Boise area.


Kristy Sligar-coached the girls lacrosse team at Centennial.  She has served as the president of the IWLUA and is the highest rated women’s umpire in Idaho.  She is the current ILA president.


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