The Treasure Valley Men’s Lacrosse Company has opened registration for TVML Memens leaguen’s Summer League 2015.

Here are the details:

TVML Men’s Summer League 2015

Dates: June 16 – August 6

Schedule: Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:15 and 7:30 //  Each player and team will get 14 games // No games on July 2 or 16 // No practices

Location: Fairmont Park, in Boise

Cost: $99 for position players, $40 for goalies

Open to: Males ages 18 and up

Registration Deadline: June 9 ($25 late fee after this date)

Limited to 180 registrations. 


Email questions to

boiseunited_cg3Boise United HS Boys teams start the 2015 summer lacrosse season on Monday June 1st at 6pm at Lowell Scott Middle School.  We are looking for players who want to have fun, work hard, and play lacrosse.   Boise United had 38+ players last summer and plans to have the same number of players this summer.   Please email or register on our website  Registration closes Thursday May 29.

Tryouts– none.  We will have 2 teams; an Elite team (with top 19 players) and a Select team and will be decided during practice.  Due to the competitive nature of the summer season we will not be able to accept any players without previous experience.   If a player registers and it isn’t a good fit-we will refund the registration fee and invite them back during the fall-when we can spend more time developing them. Read More

IHSLL LogoIHSLL Semi Finals-Saturday May 16th


Timberline vs. Rocky Mountain @ Rocky Mountain 10:30 AM

Eagle vs. Mountain View @ Mountain View 10:30 AM


Wood River vs. Ambrose @ Ambrose 10:30 AM

Borah vs. Capitol @ Riverglen Junior High 10:30 AM


Bishop Kelly vs. Eagle Green @ Eagle 2:00 PM

Rocky Mtn. vs Mtn. View @ Mtn. View 2:00P

IHSLL Logo2015 D1 All Stars as voted on by the D1 coaches.


1st team=Adam Petersen–Rocky Mountain SR, Dave Swensen–Rocky Mountain JR, Tim Berard–Rocky Mountain SO

2nd team=Aaron Madigan-Boise SR, Drew Leisten-Eagle SR, Jaden Carson–Mountain View JR

HM=Grant Hill-Eagle SR, John Alder-Bishop Kelly SR, Ethan Fleming- Timberline SO


1st team=Drake O’Neill Timberline JR, Mason Gorman-Eagle SR, Trey Bell-Mountain View JR

2nd team=Zane Friedt-Eagle SO, Kaden Lewis–Mountain View SR, Jared Dolby-Bishop Kelly SR

HM=Garrett Plant-Rocky Mountain SR, Carson Plant-Rocky Mountain SO, Ty Horrocks-Centennial JR


1st team=Brandon Ferguson -Rocky Mountain SR, Gaven Bowen-Eagle SR, Blake Branscombe-Timberline JR

2nd team= Blake Garshak-Mountain View SR, Brett Carter-Mountain View JR, Grant Koehl-Bishop Kelly SR

HM= Zack Mackay-Mountain View SR, Carter Peel-Rocky Mountain JR, Hunter Bradley-Centennial SR


1st team=Isaac Biebyuck–Rocky Mountain SO

2nd team=Cade Talbert-Timberline JR

HM=Luke Kempers-Bishop Kelly SO


1st team=Daniel Faraimo-Centennial JR, Tyler Crawford-Mountain View SR

HM=Tucker Ewing-Rocky Mountain SO

Defensive Specialist

1st team=Trevor Pattee-Eagle SR

2nd team=Seth Millington-Timberline JR

HM=Zach Little-Bishop Kelly SR, Kohl Schoensee-Boise SR


IHSLL Logo2015 IHSLL D2 All Stars as voted on by the D2 coaches.


1st team=Mac Beers-Capital JR, Logan Filbert-Ambrose SR, Calvin Burton-Capital SR

2nd team=Sean Stanton-Logos SR, Zach Jewkes-Emmett SO, Owen Greeley-Borah JR

HM=Tyler Sanchez-Vallivue SR0, Thomas Reece-Meridian SO, Ryan Ellis-Meridian SO


1st team=Brodie Raistrick-Capital SR, Hunter Hamilton-Borah JR, Michael Lycan-Vallivue SR

2nd team=Dane Buck-Emmett SO, Brady Govreau-Meridian SO, Hayden Thayer-Wood River SR

HM=Jonathan Miller-Ambrose SR, Caleb Kurth-Ambrose SR, Ryan Sutton-Borah SO


1st team=Jacob Beery-Capital SR, Jake Selvage-Borah SR, Logan Buckley-Vallivue SR

2nd team=Miguel Cervantes-Borah JR, Zac Swanson-Wood River SR, Tom Roser-Ambrose SR

HM=Jerrid Weiting-Meridian JR, Jeron Knox-Skyview SR, Daniel Heck-Emmett SR


1st team=Jonathan Miller-Ambrose SR

2nd team=Davis Peterson-Vallivue JR

HM=Miles Jones-Wood River SO


1st team=Brady Govreau-Meridian SO

2nd team=Zade Sutton-Vallivue SR

HM=Caleb Kurth-Ambrose SR, Lucas Robertson-Wood River SR

Defensive Specialist

1st team=Kedar Holtan-Capital JR

2nd team=Tristan Kerwin-Meridian SR

HM=Nathan Lambert-Wood River SO

The 2015 Junior Varsity boys lacrosse playoffs begin tonight.  Here are the final standings and playoff game matchups.

2015 IHSLL JV Boys Final Standings

  1. Eagle Green
  2. Mountain View
  3. Rocky Mountain
  4. Bishop Kelly
  5. Timberline
  6. Eagle Silver
  7. Centennial
  8. Boise

Playoff Pairings

Boise @ Eagle Green

Centennial @ Mountain View

Eagle Silver @ Rocky Mountain

Timberline @ Bishop Kelly

BTW-these matchups look eerily similar to the Boys Varsity matchups.

D2 Final Seeds

Silver Gold
Ambrose Capital
Borah Wood River
Vallivue Emmett
Logos Meridian


D1 Final Seeds

Silver Gold
Rocky Mountain Mountain View
Eagle Timberline
Bishop Kelly Boise
Centennial Coeur d’Alene


D2 Playoff-Quarterfinals Wednesday May 13

  • Meridian @ Ambrose 6pm
  • Logos @ Capital 6pm
  • Emmett @ Borah 6pm
  • Vallivue @ Wood River 6pm

D1 Playoff-Quarterfinals Wednesday May 13

  • Coeur d’Alene @ Rocky Mountain 7pm
  • Centennial @ Mountain View 6pm
  • Boise @ Eagle 630pm
  • Bishop Kelly @ Timberline 6pm

D1 Poll-The regular season ends this week and there are several keys games to be played to determine the #1 and #2 seeds in each conference.

Rank Last Week Laxpower Team IHSLL Record Overall Record Projected Seed
1 1 93.43 Eagle 8-1 9-3 S1
2 3 93.59 Mountain View 7-2 9-3 G1
3 4 92.59 Rocky Mountain 7-2 10-4 S2
4 2 92.77 Timberline 10-1 12-4 G2
5 6 82.78 Bishop Kelly 3-6 4-9 S3
6 5 84.60 Boise 4-6 6-7 G3
7 7 82.86 Centennial 2-7 5-11 S4
8 8 77.69 Lake City 1-8 5-8 G4
9 9 74.05 Coeur d’Alene 0-9 2-11 DQ


D2-Capital continues to dominate D2. The final games will determine the playoff seeds.

Rank Last Week Laxpower Team IHSLL Record Projected Seed
1 1 83.15 Capital 13-0 G1
2 4 73.96 Borah 9-3 S1
3 2 75.42 Wood River 10-3 G2
4 3 72.44 Emmett 10-4 G3
5 5 70.26 Vallivue 6-5 S2
6 6 71.76 Ambrose 6-5 S3
7 7 69.39 Meridian 7-7 G4
8 8 62.42 Skyview 4-9 S4
9 9 62.59 Logos 3-9 DQ
10 10 54.35 Moscow 1-11 DQ
11 11 53.75 Payette 0-13 DQ



new_pncll_logoThe Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) announced their All Conference players and many players from Idaho MCLA teams were recognized.  Congratulations to all the teams and players on their great seasons.

D1-1st team

Attack-Adam Smith-Boise State

Midfield-Patrick Tunison-Idaho

Defensive Midfield-Trae Fields-Boise State

Faceoff Specialist-Sayre Thomas-Boise State

Defense-Nick Cherbero-Boise State

D1-Honorable Mention

Attack-Liam Finn-Boise State

Attack-Brian Scott-Boise State

Attack-Colton Raichl-Idaho

Midfield-Drew Welch-Idaho

Defense-Nolan Knuth-Idaho

Goalie-Craig Patrick-Idaho

Most Valuable Player-Adam Smith-Boise State

Coach of the Year-Jon Mundy-Boise State

 D2-1st team

Attack-Nich Guzzetti-College of Idaho

D2-2nd team

Defense-Brandon Helgeson-College of Idaho

Goalie-Virgil Dahm-College of Idaho

D2-Honorable Mention

Attack-Ian Williams-College of Idaho

Attack-Dillon Green-College of Idaho

Midfield-Austin Mendiola-College of Idaho

Freshman of the Year-Nich Guzzetti-College of Idaho

Coach of the Year-Matt Gier-College of Idaho

D1-It seems like just about any team can rise up on any given day and win. Home field is also a big advantage in almost every game.

Rank Last Week Laxpower Team IHSLL Record Overall Record Projected Seed
1 3 93.59 Eagle 7-1 8-3 S1
2 4 92.87 Timberline 8-1 10-4 G1
3 1 93.34 Mountain View 5-2 7-3 G2
4 2 92.87 Rocky Mountain 5-2 8-4 S2
5 5 87.58 Boise 4-3 6-4 G3
6 6 84.89 Bishop Kelly 3-4 4-7 S3
7 7 83.83 Centennial 0-7 3-11 S4
8 9 78.16 Lake City 1-6 3-6 G4
9 8 75.45 Coeur d’Alene 0-7 2-8 DQ


D2-Capital continues to dominate the division. It will be interesting to see how the playoff match ups shake out.

Rank Last Week Laxpower Team IHSLL Record Projected Seed
1 1 83.15 Capital 9-0 G1
2 3 75.51 Wood River 9-3 G2
3 2 73.70 Emmett 9-2 G3
4 5 74.11 Borah 8-3 S1
5 4 70.93 Vallivue 5-4 S2
6 6 72.44 Ambrose 6-4 S3
7 7 68.62 Meridian 5-6 G4
8 8 61.30 Skyview 2-8 S4
9 9 63.11 Logos 2-7 DQ
10 10 55.99 Moscow 1-8 DQ
11 11 54.21 Payette 0-11 DQ